02 February, 2021
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WHY MyDial?

02 February, 2021

Hemodialysis is an intensive and long-running treatment that has huge economic and health effects on patients and their families: centres are frequently far from home, limiting the patient’s freedom of choice; patients are obliged to be accompanied by relatives, leading to significant loss of family income due to the time involved; the frequent transport of weakened patients can risk further health complications.

WHAT’S MyDial?

Faithful to its mission – to solve healthcare issues through the application of the reverse innovation principles – IBD has developed MyDial, a new portable hemodialysis system that works with an innovative, customized, and low-cost disposable and it has been designed to significantly reduce the economic impact of chronic dialysis treatment and make dehospitalization possible.

The therapy is bicarbonate based, the most common dialysis modality, and provides the same high quality of the treatment as in-centre dialysis.

MyDial has been designed to

  • be easy to install
  • not require either bulky equipment either structural changes of the house.
  • be suitable for home settings
  • be easy to use (it does not require professional skills)

WHY MyDial?

The name MyDial was born thinking about the effects that the device designed by IBD would have on patients’ lives.

Because if it is true that in developing countries MyDial means survivalin industrialized ones MyDial also means something equally radical but more difficult to read: the reversal of the patient-disease paradigm, which brings the patient back to the center of treatment and its life.

MyDial means restoring the decision-making power to the patient on when and where to undergo treatment, it means allowing the patient to return to live with no fear of being a burden for friends and family, it means allowing him to think of dialysis as an element that is integrated into his life and not around which his life revolves.

Life before dialysis. MyDial

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