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02 February, 2021
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Non-invasive VS invasive ventilation

02 February, 2021

When we talk about pulmonary #ventilation, the first image that comes to the mind of who listens is #invasive ventilation. Maybe it’s because of the television medical drama, maybe it’s because non-invasive ventilation it’s a relatively young procedure, but #noninvasive ventilation it’s not so widely known. Thanks to Trace Medical for this brief, not-so-technical explanation of the #differences between non-invasive and invasive ventilation. “Non-invasive ventilation replaces the tubes with a tight-fitting mask, placed over the patient’s nose and mouth. The positive airway pressure created gives a push behind each breath, allowing assistance in expelling carbon dioxide from the body. This delivers air through the airways without having to use uncomfortable force or needing to sedate the patient.” Reading this, who would like to have #Biorespira ( available to every #emergency team, #hospital, and #healthcare facilities in case of needs (and the appropriate clinical picture)? #qualityhealthcare #covid19response #covid19innovation