My Dialysis, My Decision

The name MyDial was born thinking about the effects that the device designed by IBD would have on patients’ lives.

In developing countries MyDial will mean survival.

In industrialized countries, MyDial will also means something equally radical but more difficult to grasp: the reversal of the patient-disease paradigm, which brings the patient back to the center of treatment and its life.

MyDial means restoring the decision-making power to the patient on when and where to undergo treatment, it means allowing the patient to return to live with no fear of being a burden for friends and family, it means allowing him to think of dialysis as an element integrated into his life and not around which his life revolves.

Life before dialysis. MyDial.

MyDial is a new portable hemodialysis system 

that works with an innovative, customized and low-cost disposable

and it has been designed to significantly reduce the economic impact of chronic dialysis treatment 

and make dehospitalization possible.

MyDial |uniqueness

Hydraulic circuit Manifold
  • Innovative sensors and actuators integrated.
  • Smaller than A4 sheet: size and weight reduction of the device.
  • Improvement of system’s reliability and durability: fewer joints and pipes that could break.
  • Short flow paths: reduction of pressure drop and heat, increase energy efficiency.
  • Reduction of assembly, installation and maintenance time and costs.
Blood line Disposable
  • Customized: designed ad hoc to work on MyDial.
  • Low cost: 80% less than direct competitors, in line with the cost of standard disposables.
  • Easy to connect: 50% less in therapy setting time than competitors.
  • Remote monitoring system, integrated into the device.

  • 10 “touch screen monitor, to allow the patient to interact with the reference dialysis center.

  • Monitoring of patient vital signs and therapy in real-time.

  • Monitoring of device performance in real-time.

MyDial | milestones

1° prototype of MyDial

PC Controlled

2° prototype of MyDial

with integrated electronics

3° prototype of MyDial

validated and tested in vitro

Final product of MyDial

validated and tested in laboratory

MyDial fields of application:

HOME-CARE: thanks to the simplicity of installation and use, MyDial allows treatments to be carried out in maximum safety in a domestic environment.

SMALL SATELLITE CENTERS: the unique characteristics of the device in terms of cost and size, and the reduced training required, allow to improve the quality of the service provided and the financial efficiency of the centers.

DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: the reduction in the cost of the device, the disposables and the maintenance can allow access to the treatments even to those who until now had no alternative to survive.

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