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Behind the scenes of IBD execution

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In the startup world, there’s a saying: execution is the key. For someone is a mantra, for some other an exaggeration. But there’s no doubt that the execution phase of an idea is a crucial part of the success of the idea in itself.

In IBD the execution phase has a name: Andrea Visotti, the co-founder of IBD Biomed with Dr. Corrado Ghidini, which is the business and strategic mind of IBD Biomed.

Andrea received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in artificial organs and biomechanics with 7 patents as an inventorHe played a key role both in #MyDial (new portable hemodialysis system),  and #Biorespira (non-invasive pulmonary ventilator) development.

The knowledge he had developed during his studies – his master thesis at Bellco Spa was on “Monitoring of the decrease of blood volume in hemodialysis via optical sensors” – and his two patents -Manifold and Conductivity Sensors – has been directly used in the development of #MyDial.

In the #Biorespira development, instead, has been Andrea’s previous work experience to play a crucial role: from 2012 to 2014, he worked as R&D Coordinator at CA-MI Srl, a producer of electro-medical equipment. When Dr. Corrado Ghidini told him what he has in mind as a response to the COVID situation Andrea was able, thanks to the expertise gained working on surgical suction units, to imagine the way to benefit from the technologies already used in those devices to develop a new type of compact and versatile pulmonary ventilator.

We described how Dr. Corrado Ghidini put the basis and run the project Biorespira, and we thanks SECO, Test’Ing, EOStech, and the other partners for their support. But we have never explicitly thanked Andrea Visotti for his work, which is often behind the scenes but vital to IBD Biomed and all the patients who benefit from IBD Biomed’s medical devices.