Conceived for COVID-19

Designed for everyday life

Biorespira provides the ultimate technology:

High flux generator for non-invasive lung ventilation of adult patients with respiratory insufficiency, who breathe independently.

Closed system that prevents the risk of infection for other people in the room due to the aerosol effect of the gas exhaled by the patient.

Easy-to-use and flexible clinical solution for a wide range of use opportunities in sub-intensive care, post-surgery, first aid, assisted health care residences and home care.

Biorespira is a non-invasive pulmonary ventilator,
developed to respond to the current health emergency linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an innovative and versatile NIV approach to assisted lung ventilation, both in a clinical and daily context.


  • High flux generator with a turbine capable of generating high flows starting from the ambient air, mixed with medical oxygen that can be supplied via a hospital cylinder or medical gas plant

  • Turbine operation optimizes oxygen consumption to support more patients connected to the same oxygen system

  • Use with helmets and unventilated masks allows the creation of a closed system that prevents the risk of infection due to the aerosol effect of the gas exhaled by the patient

  • Direct measurement of PEEP pressure and integrated oximeter for a continuous reading of the patient’s oxygen saturation and actual air pressure delivered to the patient

  • Allows for the use of a humidifier or HME filter (heat moisture exchanger), mounted on the inspiratory line

Biorespira | use flexibility


Biorespira avoids ICU congestion.
Patients can recover in General Medicine Units

Nursing Homes

Biorespira helps prevent moving the elderly into hospitals in case of COVID-19 pneumonia


Biorespira helps you fight oxygen deficiency in your home

Biorespira can be used for:

  • COVID-19 patients

  • Pneumonia patients

  • Patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure

  • Patients needing pre-oxygenation before intubation

  • Acute heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients

  • Post-intensive care patients

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